Getting your first job in SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is focused on how an organization’s website gets visibility on the main major search engines also changing results pages. So apparently, users of the internet use search engines to enter keywords. Then those search engines filter the results based on keywords, the strength of ranking and create a list of results so clearly your business is trying to get as high up those results pages as possible to increase the visibility of traffic to your site. An SEO Manager will be responsible for continually looking at ways of raising a website’s rankings in the search engines, and generally that involves on page and SEO work. Which is very much to do with the content of a website and the keywords and how to manipulate those two to improve results and then there’s off page SEO which can include creation of blogs and article submissions and link building techniques.

Which altogether help raise and company’s profile on the web primarily because the skills are very much in demand and if your skill set matches what’s needed for an SEO position then certainly there are many career opportunities available. A strong online presence for businesses is becoming more and more important on a sort of a month-by-month basis, and so there is a huge demand to ensure company’s website perform very well in the search engines. Overlaid on top of that major engines like Google in particular very often come up with new updates and new algorithms which mean that SEO strategy needs to be changed and adapted to meet the new demands of the search engines and to maintain the performance of a company’s website. So, a lot of variety in the roles and constant challenges so a varied career for somebody with the right kind of skill set.

That sort of function sorts of blends sort of creative skills. In the sense of being able to create different copy and content for a website working closely with content managers in arch businesses etc. This also combines the technical elements and an understanding of the way the web works, the knowledge of the way analytics platforms work and the data that comes from that being able to interpret that data to define the right SEO strategy for business. So, it’s real mix of skills also required I think got to have a high level of personal interest in the technology space particularly on the web and the changing trends particularly the way search engines work to sort of thing which gives you that well-rounded kind of profile that is required in this role.

How would you find the SEO job? Where would you even look?

You list the jobs when jobs come in; you list them. We do and you can click on them, or you can reach out directly through a website. You can go through LinkedIn; you can go through post on indeed, you can directly connect to the internet site in those ways or say you were in an event and you are an SEO specialist.

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What is an SEO expert? What do they?

So, the acronym stands for “search engine optimization.” Say you are out on Google or Bing, the words that you are typing in that gets you to somebody’s site. So, making sure that if the site is being built. Those words or those videos are being looked out first, and they are coming at the top of those searches. If found on Google, getting found on Yahoo, getting found on Bing, am I, roughly right? Exactly! You want to be the first one on that list. So how you optimize your content is crucial. An SEO specialist is a person who gets you found on Google.

About SEO jobs?

What kind of SEO jobs freelance or full-time come across your desk?

We see the lot in the freelance, long-term freelance, sometimes full time too. SEO specialist, you know sometimes it’s coupled with writing to may be somebody that’s an SEO expert and HTML sort of content creator. It’s a lot of different variety of ways to put a publishing and publishing a little bit may be a content publisher. There are different words, digital content creator. There are a lot of that work around? Is it a kind of hot thing right now? It is, everybody wants to be the top when it comes to search. So, if can find somebody that understands the terms and search to use and the content to create to make sure their company is being looked out first compared to the competitors, hands down. What kind of money can you earn?

Heavy or may be sometimes more social media wet and understanding those two things can kind of vary. I would say anywhere in that like 30-50 an hour is reasonable. Individual clients want a higher level and maybe a few more things they want somebody that can code as well or understand the paper. Click or have some experience in that area so you might bump up a little bit more of that 40-70 hours. So just depends on the client.

What kind of portfolio would you need to get a search engine marketing job?

Anything quantitative would be great. It’s like you grow that side of it from 40% to 80% or you got a click through at a certain amount showing numbers is imperative. So, if you get something which was originally before you got it and resulted once you worked with it, that’s what they are going to want to see. They want to see the results. So, any numbers are high. If you have visuals that are great. If you are a writer on top of that being able to showcase that writing inside that’s important too.