Tips for your first Tenant Fit Out

Tenant fit-out clients tend to be people who are not necessarily experienced construction clients. Consequently, they need experienced teams that can deliver to fixed time, cost and quality criteria with minimum direction or management from the client to avoid distastes such as missed deadlines and additional expense.

To meet this specific need of Tenant fit out clients, it’s important you find a construction team that works works seamlessly with clients, building owners, architects, permitting agencies and speciality subcontractors to integrate planning, design, permitting and construction into a hassle-free construction experience. We also make communication easier, giving our clients a single point of contact to meet their project goals.

To help with this, we have put together some questions you should be asking people who bid for your job. These will help you:

  • Find out how experiences the company is with this kind of work.
  • Find out if tenant fit out is something they offer, or main focus of their business
  • Help you discover if past clients were pleased with their work