3 Amazing Facts About GTA V

Released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 has taken the world by storm.

The real world crime based simulator follows the stories of 3 criminals, as they climb the ladder in the underworld and move from the bottom of the pile to running the city but with the addition of amazing online game play and constant releases by Rockstar, this game is still as fresh today as it was 5 years ago.

Here’s 3 amazing facts for you.

There is a Frozen Alien in the Prologue!

Right in the opening sequence the surprises start, you can actually find a hidden alien.

In the prologue’s getaway sequence with Michael, Brad, and Trevor the mission will try to guide you over the railroad tracks. Ignore those instructions and turn right instead. Go under the bridge, stop the car, get out, and look in the river to see a frozen Alien in the ice.

There is a Mobile App!

Considering the size of the game and power required to run it, in just 5 short years we have been able to advance mobile phone capabilities to run a mobile version.

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The Voice Actor for Trevor Would Record Scenes in His Underwear To Stay In Character

Trevor Phillips is often seen in game wearing just his underwear, turns out, Steven Ogg would frequently record his lines in HIS underwear to help him stay in character.