Features of Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Design, suction power, and filtration are the most important features of a pet vacuum, but many other features might also be useful.

  • Lies completely flat: Pets often go underneath furniture. Having a vacuum cleaner that can lie completely flat makes it easier to get into these tough spots.
  • Maneuverability: A good pet vacuum should be easy to maneuver so you can get into all of the places that your pet may have gone, as well as corners where drifting pet hair may collect. Some vacuums, like the LG Kompressor, have drive steering to make it even easier to maneuver the vacuum.
  • Carpet Height Adjustment: This is a good feature to have on any vacuum, but it is particularly useful in ensuring the vacuum can suck up pet hair regardless of what surface you are using it on.
  • Automatic Clog Shut-Off: In event that the vacuum bag becomes full or clogged, this feature will cause the vacuum to automatically shut off.
  • Extra Large Tubing: The larger tubing prevents pet hair from getting caught in the vacuum.

Along with all of these special features, you will still want to keep in mind the core features to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner should be large enough to handle your space, lightweight enough for you to be able to carry it up stairs or around the home, come from a trusted brand, be easy to care for, and have a good warranty. For more information read this guide on pet vacuums.