Features of Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Design, suction power, and filtration are the most important features of a pet vacuum, but many other features might also be useful. Lies completely flat: Pets often go underneath furniture. Having a vacuum cleaner that can lie completely flat makes it easier to get into these tough spots. Maneuverability: A good pet vacuum should be […]

Resto Shaman Tier 11 Loot List

If you are still gearing up for raids, please check out the pre-raid lootlist. However, if you’re starting to gather most of your pre-raid set and are looking forward to some new raids in the new year, you’ll want to look at this list for planning purposes. Based on my experience so far, Spirit gear […]

Some New Pre-Raid Resto Items

While thoroughly enjoying the Cataclysm experience over the last few days, I’ve found a few items that didn’t make it on my previous pre-raid loot list.  I’ll list them here for you and also add them to the previous post, which you can find here. Kilt of Trollish Dreams – A pretty amazing BoE epic world drop […]