Leveling a Resto Shaman: 40-69

From this point out, I’m going to assume that you have access to the dual spec feature, or have just decided to level as a resto shaman.  That way, we can focus on one talent tree at a time, rather than discussing elemental leveling along the way.  I’m going to deal with a big chunk […]

Leveling a Resto Shaman: 30-39

The resto shaman leveling guide lives.  However, much like actually leveling a resto shaman, this guide is taking its sweet time.  If we wanted a race to level 80, we’d all just roll paladins and apply some padding to our forehead.  Today, lets look at levels 30-39. In this range, you can still comfortably heal […]

Leveling a Resto Shaman: 20-29

Ok, let’s get back to the resto shaman leveling guide.  My own momentum in leveling another resto shaman has it a brick wall, somewhat predictably.  I think this is due to several primary factors: (1) I already have a level 80 restoration shaman who rocks, (2) I’ve been distracted by leveling alts of other classes […]

Pimp My Resto Shaman: Katyberry

Before we get to Katyberry, a reminder that if you’d like to see your resto shaman featured here, you can leave a comment providing the same information that Katy did, or you can head over to the original post here.  Ok, let’s see what we can do for Katyberry.  Here’s what she has to say: Overall, […]

Leveling a Resto Shaman: 10-19

Level 10 is a nice little milestone, even if it won’t take you much more than an afternoon of focused questing to get there.  You get your first talent point, which means you can become a resto, elemental or enhance shaman, rather than just some nameless, all-purpose shaman. So, remember when I said I was […]

Leveling a Resto Shaman: 1-9

Ok, so you’ve decided to level a resto shaman, and you’ve picked a faction and race.  When you first create your character, I’d suggest doing some basic work on your UI.  If you’re like me, you have a bunch of addons you’ve gotten used to, and they probably look like a jumbled mess when you first log in to your level […]

Resto Shaman UI and Addon Advice

There’s no perfect way to set up your UI, so let’s set that up as a ground rule right away.  Some people really hate addons, and think using them is “cheating.”  Those people have likely never raided as a healer.  Healing with the default UI provided by blizzard is going to hold back your performance. […]